Sunday, 18 January 2015


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Friday, 9 January 2015

Single Of The Week ~ The Whereabouts ~ Money & Fame

Hello and welcome to the first single of the week of 2015! Today I have a band I have just recently discovered for you who go by the name of The Whereabouts. This rock and roll quartet have blasted their way out of Ireland and into the music scenes and many eyes of big names and big labels. These guys are really kicking up some gears in terms of the hype they're bringing to the table considering they're only 18/19 years old. 

The band have recently signed with some impressive names in the industry including Steve Strange who has worked with the likes of Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas and Kodaline. They have also been on a string of impressive support slots for bands including Tom Odell, Imelda May, Kodaline and Imagine Dragons. The photos displayed below are from the New Years concert they performed in Dublin alongside Kodaline.

Their new single 'Money & Fame' is a very high tempo song that has no change in the speed of the track, all nice and fast paced. With some nice stabs and fills from the drums, it keeps this record spinning in my books. Its great to hear a band really trying to not change too much in a song as there are a lot of characteristics in this song already.

Photo credit: Mark Hylands

By the second listen of the track, you already know the rhythmic line from the guitar. A nice short number that's under three minutes will be a fan to any listener that enjoys the song from the off. The guitar line is the drive for the song, not too many chops and changes, but still with a driving energy.

The vocals are a main focal point with a very mature and impressive range. Same goes with the backing vocals too, everything seems to have been worked at to make it a professional sound. Recently there have been a lot of artists emerging that have that quality in their voice that sounds like the 60's again. Its a great feeling to know vocalists are starting to go back to this era, it a fantastic sound. 

Photo Credit: Mark Hylands

Though the song is just shy of three minutes long, its packed with everything that makes a good song. A catchy chorus, good lyrics to be heard from clear vocals, a wicked guitar solo smack bang in the middle and a bluesy ending. What more could you want? Don't forget that these boys are only 18/19 years of age! I can't wait to see what material they bring out in the next few years. A band to definitely keep your eyes peeled on for the next few years. 

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